Auckland University – CLeaR Classrooms

laura smith spatial designer interior auckland nz

My brief was to create inviting and exciting classrooms that were innovative and well thought out. As you can see by the before photos, these classrooms were not ideal! CleaR – Centre of Learing and Research in Higher Education, were desperate to bring these classrooms back to life. After researching learning strategies and brain functions, table tennis was introduced into one classroom, to increase energy and information intake. Now, before each class, students are required to now play a short game of table tennis! The second classroom was designed with a more quite, contemplative space. Retro couches, armchairs and coffee tables were sourced as well as old paintings and macrame plant hangers. This room is now used for smaller, more intimate meetings, where discussions are rich and students feel at ease to fully express their thoughts¬†in the comfort of their ‘lounge’.


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