Coming from a background in Fine Arts, I think of space in a very sculptural way. Every project I work on is approached with a fresh and open mind and inspiration is gathered from many different areas. Spending time getting to know you and your business and what makes everything tick is vital to the creative process.

My design process is not just a visual one. I strive to create spaces that work on all levels. It is important that each environment I create is innovative and fluid, with an evolving nature, so that it can be easily adapted to the everyday needs of the people using the space. There is always heavy focus on environmental psychology in my designs.

Every part of the design process is approached in a very hands on way, with a strong emphasis on co-creation between us both. I feel this to be the most natural and organic way of working and this process always produces the best outcomes for everyone involved. My aim is to create spaces that are well thought out and exciting, challenging us both to come up with new ways of thinking about spacial concepts and having a whole lot of fun along the way.



I offer services in the following..

Interior: Hospitality, Workplace, Retail, Residential

Project Management: Offered with all projects if required.

laura smith spatial designer